When I was 6 I wanted to be a Pro Soccer Player.

When I was 15 I wanted to be an Actor/Stylist

When I was 17 I wanted to be a police officer

When I was 18 I graduated with a Business Marketing Degree and became a fitness instructor.

When I was 19 I started my own business and opened my studio… KFIT

Within 6 months.. it failed.

I failed.

I thought I could open a gym in a small community and everything would go perfectly… just liked I DREAMED of.

(I wish I could go back in time and smack young Kris) Anyone else ever feel like smacking their younger self?

What I was so naive about was the more you attempt to grow… the more fails you go through. THE MORE OPPORTUNITY-THE MORE RISK.

BUT…. If you can withstand the failures and continue to seek success and growth, you WILL thrive…. you will GROW through what you GO through.

I often ask myself… how do people continue to DREAM and reach for the stars when they get beaten down so many times?

How do people continue to be positive when they go through trauma?

How do people search for happiness when they’ve struggled with sadness for a lot of their life?

My answer is FAITH.

I want to tell you about so much of my life and all my failures but I will save that for another post.

For right now, I want to tell you that if you’ve failed, if you’ve lost yourself, if you’ve gotten hurt or been the one to hurt others, if you didn’t believe in yourself…… IT IS OKAY.

Right now I want you to give yourself a hug.


Do it.

(After your hug, continue…)

We all go through things in our life that cause us to fall down. Yes, I have fallen many of times…. But I’m okay. And you are too. But you have to decide that you’re okay and move on.

You see, faith helps me to dream. Faith helps me to hope. Faith helps me to be okay with failing and falling. Faith helps me love myself. Faith helps me sleep peacefully at night. Faith is faith and it’s a GAME CHANGER.

I didn’t always have faith in myself or KFIT. People didn’t always have faith in me or KFIT. But I kept DREAMIN’.

I keep mentioning KFIT and always get asked WHAT IS KFIT?

KFIT is my purpose.

KFIT is my purpose to lead others to health, confidence, and self love.

Whoever you are reading this,

don’t stop dreaming.

don’t stop loving.

don’t stop hoping.

don’t stop faithing.

DON’T STOP. (Get it get it)

You were made to do extraordinary things. Go out there and chase those SWEET DREAMS.

Thank you for your time and energy here on my first BLOG POST!! Stay tuned for MORE.

A few surprises!

  1. Welcome to my WEBSITE! kfit.fit

  2. Welcome to my blog!

  3. Check out my May KFIT events

May 4th- Zumba Fundraiser ECU Ada, OK 5-6 pm

May 8th- Latta School Health Fair 9:00 am-2:00 pm

May 10th- Latta Elementary Nutrition Talk 9:30 am

May 24th Ada Softball Confidence Talk 1:00 pm

I’d love to speak to your group about health, fitness, confidence, entrepreneurship, and influencing!

Okay okay… enough talking! Give yourself ONE MORE HUG.

Now, go be great.

I believe in you!


Kris Claborn