Post with a PURPOSE

Have you ever been SO enraged by something, that you got out your phone, tapped your Facebook app, and negatively posted your feelings?

Have you ever been in a disagreement with someone and went online to vent to your friends and family?

Have you seen a video that you disagreed with, maybe had thousands of views and comments, and became a troll?

Have you ever posted something that caused division amongst people?

I GET IT. I’ve been there.

You may be wondering why I’m talking about Posting with a PURPOSE. I’m here to explain…

I don’t know if we all truly realize how our words can affect others. I don’t think we realize the consequences of our online actions.

But listen, I get it… behind a screen, some of us are brave. We aren’t face to face with someone, we aren’t speaking to them, and we can ignore the situation after we’ve said what we think we needed to say.

I’ve seen hundreds of inconsiderate posts online that cause division and hurt. I’ve read hundreds of troll comments. I’ve witnessed hundreds of kids and adults bullying others and being bullied.



I’m not saying don’t post things that you’re passionate about. PLEASE DO. Quite frankly, you cannot make everyone happy.



Will my post cause division?

Will my post hurt someone?

Is my post passive aggressive?

What kind of attention am I seeking by posting this?

Can I word it differently?

Can I express myself in a more respectful manner?

Is this post KIND, UNDERSTANDING, and HELP FUL? Or is it coming from a place of hurt and misunderstanding? Can I word it differently?

My friends,


There are a few situations that come to mind that I want to share;

I posted about emotional eating and how to separate emotions and food. I explained the mental health aspect. WELL, in doing so, I hurt a dear friend of mine because she had just posted about emotional eating. I didn’t see her post before posting mine, but I automatically reached out to her and made sure

1. She was okay.

2. Apologized for my post.

3. I made sure she knew it was not directed towards her in any way but I was more than willing to take it down.

She was okay and we were okay. But I realized how my words can positively and negatively everyone, no matter how “helpful” I think my message is.

Another situation,

I followed a Fitness Influencer, who I really looked up to. She stopped bikini competing when she got married and was open about her faith, marriage, and how she stopped bikini competition because she only wanted her husband to see her that way.

During the last political election, I was FULL of anxiety and fear. My family is Hispanic and both my parents are from Mexico. The entire evening of the election I was engulfed in panic. I went on Instagram and saw that influencer made an election post and my heart automatically sank.

I thought her post was really insensitive towards her following.

Let me be clear, who she voted for DID NOT matter. The fact that it was an election post, didn’t matter… BUT

What DID matter was the insensitivity. The post caused so much division and hurt among her following. EVERYONE was bickering back and forth and she would pick and choose who she would respond to, she would delete comments, creating an army of women who sided with her vs. women who didn’t. She was not being a bully, but a lot of her following was… Which reflects on her.

SO, I commented and said “This post is causing so much division and so many women are fighting in your comment section. Take control of your following and help people feel loved & understood, regardless what side they are on”

She deleted & blocked me.

I remember being so hurt and so disappointed in her.


You see, we can have different views. We can have different opinions. We can agree to disagree. But we ALL have the opportunity to show compassion, understanding, empathy, and LOVE to others…. even if we see things differently.

I encourage you to post passionately.

I encourage you to use your voice.

I encourage you to post with a purpose.

Treat others the way you want be treated

In person AND online.

Go be great.

I believe in you!


Kris Claborn